Skullture is born from the evolution of a Hobbie.

Some years ago we started to create some crafts for our house and friends. The circumstances of life made us take a decision a little forced … We had to leave our respective jobs. At that moment we think, and what will we do now? and well, we thought about it until the idea appeared clearly. We would turn our hobbie into our work. So it was! little by little we have evolved to an Alternative Decoration, original and sometimes, daring.

We are looking at Europe participating mostly in Tattooing Conventions, enjoying on the way, of places and extraordinary people. In addition to working with more personalized orders, we also make trophies for tattoo contests and awards for events.

Emoquered Gothic and Victorian style, skulls, hearts, and butterflies, giving life to ornate frames and cameos, are the main components of our creations .

Original and daring paintings to dress up your walls, lamps to give light to your most important moments, chandeliers to find your way again if you get lost. Thanks to the people who support us from the beginning, and to new followers we are here today.

A thousand times thanks! We welcome you to your world …





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